Monday, August 10, 2009


I've realized many people have specific talents.  For example, I find rapping extremely difficult (not that I rap or even attempt to).  In general, I think it would be hard to write music or lyrics.  However, it just comes naturally to those who are truly passionate for the art.  Several times I have tried to be crafty.  When I was younger, I had small pieces of furry fabric that I was determined to sew together to create a bear.  But I was unsuccessful, as my furthest achievement was still just a bag full of fur, an abundant amount of stuffing, and maybe a bear head with beady eyes.  Recently (just a few days ago), I thought it would be fun to create a pillowcase dress I found on another blog.  Low and behold I spent about 3 hours total the first night and I was completely enthused. The dress was supposed to be made with a standard pillowcase, with ribbon straps, specifically designed for 8-year-olds, preferably made with a sewing machine.  Instead, I used a king pillowcase that turned out to be extra long.  So I decided to eliminate the straps, after I had already cut out the armholes, and sewed them by hand.  I created this strapless dress that was too wide in the back.  For this excess fabric I wanted to create a decorative knot or attach buttons.  However, I am at a loss for how to go about this project, and therefore my dress career has come to a halt.  I even thought maybe I would want to start making my own clothes and buy a sewing machine.  But that is how long my attention span is.  Because I'm not truly passionate about crafting, or have a deadline to finish, my project stands still.  I realized this is one of the reasons I enjoy baking/cooking.  Baking/cooking can either be a fast-paced action or slow, rehabilitating process.  It is a good and productive way to alleviate stress (but sometimes dangerous when emotional eating could be involved).  There is always a deadline; either to put something into the oven, add another ingredient, or serve it to hungry spectators.  It is also incredibly rewarding to feel your work has been noticed and also enjoyed.  I love the feeling of creativity when I am able to throw items together that I find in the pantry or freezer into an edible dish that works.
Even though I don't feel my work is complex, I still enjoy passing time with this hobby, and satisfying my family who enjoys being fed.
I have learned that talents are not the same for everyone.  It is useless to wish you were talented in some aspect unless you are truly willing to work for it.  Talents just come easier to some than others...that's why they are called talents.  Finding your own talent is more effective,and doubly satisfying than wishing to have another.
And yet so with talents, I always wished and maybe still wish that I could be really good at something.  To make a career like an athlete or a musician, doing something I love and getting paid to do it.
My dad always told me to do what you enjoy regardless of the money.  If you enjoy it, you will want to work, and the money will come.  
I know now that I am an amateur but I hope to learn to be greater and make something with cooking and baking in my life at some point now or later.

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