Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lunchtime Surprise

A long time ago, probably a little over a month ago, before I left for Florida, my boyfriend promised he would make us lunch.  However, he didn't know what he wanted to make so I just told him to just forget it since I usually cook something up for us.  I've brought it up several times since I've been back that he owes me, and we decided today would be a good day for him to do it since I worked this morning 7-12.  I tried to guess what he was making before, but my only thoughts were burgers since that is one of the things he knows how to cook.  But when I got to his house, I smelled grilled cheese.  He made me wait in his room until he was finished so I thought, maybe it was a quesadilla or something else on the stove with butter and a can of beans (since I love beans and commented on how he had some in his pantry).  Well, I was very impressed.  I came out to see a burger, bunned with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, and a nice garden salad.  The other day we were watching either burger paradise on the travel channel or diners, drive-ins and dives on food network and saw this burger concoction.  I thought it was interesting and said I should try making it some time.  I completely forgot I even saw this.  The burger was so good!  It was really cheesy and the tomato made a delicious mixture with the grilled cheese (I love grilled cheese and tomato soup, or ketchup on hot days).  Julian, if you're reading this, you should definitely make this again!  Thank you :)

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