Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Dessert!

My favorite dessert is the Big Apple Sundae from Marie Callender's.  The first time I experienced/ordered this dessert was Sophomore year after a basketball game at Beyer.  My friend Sally and I walked over ahead of everyone else, sat down and ordered a turkey dinner.  For dessert we got this big apple.  However, we did not know how BIG this sundae would actually be.  The size almost made me scream.  And the taste was even better.  It combines my favorite, apple pie, with extremely rich french vanilla ice cream.  The hot apple pie fills the bottom of the schooner and is covered with warm caramel sauce.  Then it is topped with a mount of french vanilla ice cream and heaped with whipped cream.  Of course the whip cream is garnished with streusel topping, which is my favorite part of a french apple pie or any dessert!  Even though this dessert is so large, and filled with probably a whole weeks worth of calories, it is incredible.  The flavor just makes you want to eat more and more.  And when you can't eat anymore, it is worth taking home the leftovers.  The vanilla ice cream is so good and when it refreezes, chunks of the apple mix in, creating an apple pie ice cream.  This was my fourth time ordering this dessert, but it was probably the most disappointing because the size was significantly reduced.  I would definitely order the big apple again, as Marie Callender's pie and ice cream would be tough duo of flavor to duplicate.
(Fourth time, the picture on top is from a previous visit)


  1. That's an awful big dessert for such a small thing like yourself...he he!

    Glad you enjoyed it and you have a very nice blog!


  2. thats huge cute blog clever girl love the egg salad

  3. wow i never knew marie callendar's had a dessert like this! i gotta go try it!

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