Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quesadilla Burger

Since Julian made an amazing lunch the day before, I promised him that today I would make lunch, and make something more complex than just a sandwich. For this recipe, I drew inspiration from a quesadilla burger I had at Applebee's a couple years ago. I haven't been there for a long time, so who knows, maybe this is still on the menu. Anyways, I had Julian make me a burger patty (because I still don't really know how to cook meat, I'm still afraid I'll poison somebody). While he did this, I prepped the tortillas. I heated them slightly on the stove. Then I spread the bottom with sour cream, layered with shredded mexican cheese, and salsa. When the patty was ready, I added it to my prepared work and then topped it with tomatoes and more cheese. Then I grilled this on the stove as I would a quesadilla. Overall, it was okay. The only problem was the thickness/heaviness of the patty. This caused the tortillas to be far apart and not touching ends like a normal quesadilla. And it also made it hard to transport onto the pan and flip. The other problem would probably be the salsa. Salsa always seems to make things either slippery or soggy. In this case it just made the patty slip, so Julian said he just had to keep a tight grip on it while eating. Oh well, at least it was a step up from the usual grilled sandwich or chicken wrap.

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