Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Birthday

I've been wanting to get a standing mixer for a while, I even declared it my dream appliance.  Since I'm moving into an apartment off-campus, my dad took me out last night to look at different appliances.  He gave me the option of getting multiple little items like a blender, food processor and hand mixer.  Or, since I will probably be baking a lot, a standing mixer.  Well today, that's exactly what I got!  After work I headed over to Best Buy and picked up my little baby.
To celebrate my birthday we went to my favorite sushi place, Sushi Garden, and then walked over to Marie Calendars to get dessert, and I of course shared my favorite with Julian. He didn't believe me that the soupy leftovers would be any good re-frozen, but I stand to prove him wrong!


  1. KA mixer been on my Wish list for a year now!! congrats and Hapy Belated!

  2. Congrats on your birthday and the kitchenaid!! I've had my kitchenaid for about 4 years now and I love it. It's still like new. Isn't it hard to chose from all the kitchen goodies? So many things, not enough money to go around...

  3. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new mixer. My mom bought mine for me when I got engaged. That was 17 (!) years ago. To this day it is my favorite appliance. You will never have to knead bread by hand again.

  4. The mixer was a good choice. As I learn more about cooking, it is a huge time saver and so easy to use. Happy belated.