Friday, July 31, 2009


If there is any outside source reading this besides my friends who sometimes check or just make and account so I have subscriptions (I know, pathetic lol), then please let me know how I can obtain followers! I know my blog isn't that bountiful, but I subscribe to yours and draw inspiration. I realized maybe it was because I barely had any posts, and am an amateur. But then I decided that I don't really care if anybody does look at this. I enjoy cooking and baking, and if any body happens to stumble upon this, then good. Basically, I need tips how to become a successful blogger! The first food blog I ever saw was velvet lava. On the blog was a chocolate chip cookie recipe and I just dreamed I could make cookies with such goo and consistency  as the ones I drooled over and oogled at. I think that this was also one of the first recipes I tried to make from scratch. Before, i enjoyed baking, but stuck to the simple boxes and easy to follow kraft 1-2-3 step recipes. I never really thought of making my own blog until winter break when I decided it would be a good way to document what I make; to serve as a reminder of which recipes I liked and which ones failed miserably. This was also to serve as a digital database of previous experiences, which my dad could easily access to recall recipes as well.  Now as my postings just consist of sweets or sandwiches, I'm planning on expanding my abilities.  Equipped with a George Foreman grill and a Crock Pot, I'm now ready to cook away come fall, and say goodbye to cafeteria food and unreliable ovens.


  1. Your blog is great and I know the feeling about someone out there reading it. I am. I am am going to subscribe.

    I have a new blog. Stop by and maybe you will want to subscribe also.

    If you want more people to come and visit, check out some other blogs that interest you and leave a note. Many will check you out and some will subscribe.

    If you have time, there are cooking and baking groups you can join and they publicize their members.

    Send me an email at if you would like the locations of any groups or any blogs to check out.

    There are baking blogs and cooking blogs and then those that have both. What are you interested in?


  2. Hey I just signed up to follow your blog. I enjoyed reading it. I am new the blogging, I started in April and it has been fun. When I started I didn't even tell anyone. Then I mentioned it to a few people and than more. I learned most of the stuff from visiting other blogs. The food community is very friendly. Good luck and looking forward to more posting.

  3. I am relatively new to blogging, but I've found that commenting on other blogs increases your traffic flow. Go ahead and put yourself out there!