Monday, July 26, 2010


Today, after my late awakening, almost into the late afternoon, I decided to be ultra-productive, and make some cookie dough, mop the tile floors, and bake a cake.  The cake was due to my need to get rid of a bunch of bananas I haven't touched since I put into the fridge (which turned completely black, without loosing their shape or form).  I found this recipe that instead of an upside-down pineapple cake, used bananas.  It produced a very "moist" cake.  The peanut butter cookies I have made before, also gluten free, but the idea to dip them in chocolate came from bakerella.  Since I ran out of Baker's chocolate, I decided to use the chocolate fruit dip I had stored in my fridge.  After letting the cookies sit out for two days, the chocolate still did not harden.

The pictures of the banana cake look unappetizing, as it looks more like an anchovie cake.
upside down banana cake:
I cannot find the exact recipe I used, but it is similar to the one found here.

PB cookies

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